Cr2 Recovery is One of the Best Software To Recover All Data

The Canon Digital Camera has received the highest popularity in the market because of its stylus, comfortable and high capable features . It’s images is saved in either raw or jpg file format. But most of the photos which is saved in Canon digital camera are CR2 raw file format. Actually raw images files are the files which contains minimally processed data from the digital camera by its image sensor. CR2 is the extended file name of Canon camera and this raw data contains the condition and text information of the pictures. These pictures are saved in based on TIFF formats which also contains some EXIF details.

Besides CR2 file format, the Canon digital camera also support MMC, MMC plus, SD, SDHC to store different type of pictures. All these supported versions are to be supposed as a safe medium. The main problem arises when your images of your Canon digital camera get inaccessible or corrupted due to accidentally formatting, deleting or damaged memory card. Most of the time the user of this digital camera don’t know how to operate it in a right way and do some little mistakes. It may also possible that the CR2 images get deleted accidentally by mistake and ultimately you loose your important pictures. Now the problem begins here when the user start searching their pictures in their camera and get nothing. The unforgotten previous memorable moments are attached with our pictures which is stored in the camera. If someone loss it, there will be a big shock for them . The loss of data may also occur because of the following reasons :

  • Inappropriate removal of memory card while camera is processing or saving photos.
  • Accidental formatting or deletion camera memory card.
  • Abrupt removal of connected camera from your Windows computer system.
  • Accidentally clicking the “Delete All” button can erase your CR2 files.
  • Using same media storage in lots of different system/device.
  • Use of untrusted and free antivirus for scanning.
  • Incomplete CR2 file transfer process also result in your photo loss.
  • CR2 files might loss due to corrupt,unreadable and inaccessible memory card.
  • Also some unwanted error messages forced you to format your memory card.

The above mentioned problems can result in data loss of your Canon digital camera. The main question arises at that moment is that what is done to recover the data. Don’t have to be worried as it is easily possible for you to recover your deleted CR2 files. You just have to use the CR2 recovery software program that can safely and easily recovers your Raw files with a CR2 extension. Your Digital canon camera images can be be restored with the help of this software. Also this softwares program can also support others files format. Hence to recover deleted CR2 file is easily possible.


Following are the below mentioned features of Cr2 Recovery software :

  • Cr2 Recovery software can easily and safely recovers your lost Canon CRW, CR2 files and normal image file format as well like JPG, TIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF.
  • The software can also recover the damage video, audio, lost, deleted, image files back.
  • It can easily recovers your data and doesn’t matter what type of memory cards it belongs such as MMC, Sony Memory Stick, XD
  • Picture Card, CF card, SD card, Smart Media Card etc .
  • The software can also recovers your data in compressed form.
  • Also it lets you to preview the files prior recovery.

CR2 recovery software program is built by experienced and skilled software professionals. The tool is equipped with fabulous recovery modules that can help you to recover lost CR2 RAW files from even in serious data loss scenarios. This software program is capable of recovering Canon Raw files from deleted, lost, missing cr2 files. CR2 recovery software program easily recovers your CR2 files with all types of Canon camera models like Canon PowerShot A480, Canon EOS-1D Mark III, Canon PowerShot A490, Canon PowerShot A495, Canon PowerShot A3000 IS, Canon PowerShot D10, Canon PowerShot S90 etc and all types of memory cards .

Not only this but CR2 recovery software program is so much easy to handle and doesn’t not requires any deep technical knowledge. Even a inexperienced or new user can use it easily. Hence those who uses this Canon digital camera whether they are their owner or not and have facing the problems related with data loss or CR2 files loss then they must try cr2 recovery software program. This tool help you as a rescuer for the data loss of your digital camera even in more worst situation rather than mentioned above.